Our comprehensive production system and thorough quality control system
continue to meet the challenge of maintaining high quality standards.

Even as valves become more affordable, demand for safety, reliability and quality always remains at the forefront.
At Qunfeng (WeValve), every employee remains committed to the challenge of maintaining quality in every process from research and development to order taking, production management, design, procurement, manufacturing, testing and inspection, and maintenance, all the while working in harmony with one another on our advanced technologies. As evidenced by our certification of ISO 9001 registration, we are dedicated to implementing quality control.
We take pride in meeting our responsibility as a leading manufacturer in the valve industry in China, and we are committed to contributing to the future of society and achieving new breakthroughs. In addition, on July 26th, 2011, the ISO certification and registration agency Beijing Head International Certification Co., Ltd. approved our establishment and introduction of an international quality control and quality assurance system. We were thus the registered as such and to maintain ISO 9001 certification, having passed the ISO 9001:2015 (revised) certification transition examination. We continue to make ongoing improvements to our quality management system.

Qunfeng (WeValve)’s Medium-term Quality Policy

Our technical strengths and high quality make us the most-in-demand valve manufacturer. By adhering to our slogans “The Power of Human Resources, The Power of Innovation, and The Power of Solutions,” we develop the power to continue providing highly valued products and services that meet the expectations of our customers and society at large, all in compliance with related laws and regulations. In order to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system, we continue to set stringent quality goals and implement initiatives to achieve them.

Our Quality Goals

1. To improve customer satisfaction
We will accurately identify the needs and expectations of our customers and other stakeholders and will enhance the value-added products and services we provide in order to satisfy our customers through best-possible efforts (“overall optimization”).
2. To implement improvement activities
We will directly examine the business climate in which TVE operates, identify external and internal issues as well as risks and opportunities due to changes in the economic environment, and strive to implement improvement activities that meet the needs and expectations of our customers (“adoption of TAMES activities and digital technologies”).
3. To eliminate nonconformities
In addition to taking steps to prevent nonconformities, relevant departments are committed to collaborating in the event a nonconformity arises. We will share information across the organization and work together to solve the problem under the “go and see” principle (collecting actual data on the actual item at the actual site); moreover, we will take on the challenge of devising new ways of thinking and adopting new perspectives (“growing by taking on challenges”).
4. To provide training and education
We plan effective training and education aimed at preserving skills for posterity and passing on the skills of all parties involved in TVE’s quality assurance activities. We are also providing training to improve learners’ abilities to clear the hurdles they face (“improving your own skills and those of your associates”).
5. To foster a safety culture
In addition to implementing daily safety management initiatives, we will contribute to society by focusing on fostering a culture of safety and by upholding the safety and security that our customers demand (“remaining safe and secure”).